Height: 4'11"
Bust: 55
Waist: 50
Hips: 62
Thigh: 27
Calf: 21
Inseam: 26
Shoe Size: 9.5
Clothing Size: 3X and Size 20 Jeans


Hey Curvy Friendsss, My name is Cierra AKA Cici and I am the Social Media Director 💃 I am 21 years old, I have two little boys (1 year old and 3 year old) and they keep my hands FULL! I am so blessed to work for a company that not only knows me personally, but gave me a position that makes work fun! As some may know I have worked with Gildas lebuhe for quiet a while, I started out steaming clothes and doing odds and end jobs to make extra money while I was in school. Melissa & Her husband have literally watched me grow up and have been so supportive for me through every walk of life and I could never thank them enough!! My personal hobbies are spending time with my kids and family, SHOPPING, hanging out with friends, and just anything fun 🥳 Something I enjoy most about my job is the confidence it builds being a plus size woman myself and spreading that to others even though they are miles away! What I love most about Curvy as a whole is definitely the continual growth and looking back to see where we have started to now. It is so inspiring to see what hard work, dedication, and a passion for others does. I believe all of us truly care about uplifting and making Plus Size Women worldwide feel BEAUTIFUL the way they are.. 💗

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